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Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca with overnight stay at Cusipata River Lodge (1d)


Take the time to get to know a unique place like Rainbow Mountain. Why not, instead of leaving Cusco at three in the morning and arriving tired, spend a relaxed night close by, lulled by the Urubamba River?

Enjoy this incomparable mountain in the best style!

Full day Machu Picchu (1d)


Machu Picchu is unique and this day will be memorable for you. Built in stone (with Inca engineering techniques that are still an admirable mystery to the world today) it represents the greatness of the Empire of the Incas and constitutes a world heritage site that will amaze you not only for its imposing beauty but also for its positive and powerful energy that all its visitors say they experience.

City tour Cusco (1d)


In a single day you will be able to know the main attractions of the wonderful city of Cusco, where you will find fantastic buildings of the Inca Empire as well as the interesting art and architecture of the colonial and conquest times.

Tour to the Sacred Valley (1d)


The Sacred Valley of Cusco has much to offer: a variety of important archaeological centers such as Ollantaytambo and Sacsayhuamán, a beautiful natural environment and picturesque towns where ancient customs and traditions such as in Pisac and Chinchero are still preserved. In The Sacred Valley you will live an unforgettable experience!

Tour to the Wacrapukara Fortress with overnight stay at Cusipata River Lodge (1d)


Also known as “La Fortaleza de los Cuernos” (for its translation from Quechua), it is located in the district of Pomacanchis (4,163 meters above sea level). It will be the destination of this walk in which we will pass through wonderful natural landscapes and picturesque towns.

Tour Puente Queswachaca and 4 lagoons with overnight stay at Cusipata River Lodge (1d)


This great adventure will take you to live history with the construction of the Queswachaca Bridge, which since the time of the Incas takes place every year in a ceremony where the entire community participates, respecting its ancestral engineering.