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Who are we?

Here at Mayuc, we are pioneers of rafting in Peru and we are great connoisseurs of the Inca Trail. Since 1981 we have been dedicated to share with adventurers like yourself the pristine beauty of the land of the Incas so that everyone can enjoy in their own style an experience that, besides being unforgettable, is also responsible with the environment.
We also offer tours and treks for all levels of adventurers to various places of interest such as Machu Picchu, the Raimbown Mountain, the jungle and many more.
Book and receive information about availability in less than 24 hours by emailing us at info@mayuc.com or calling us at +51 984 709 811 / +51 894 709 833.
Because everything must be perfect and safe from the moment you decide to take your new great adventure, we will help you with the preparations and coordination.


To always offer the best tourist experiences to our clients, as we have been doing for more than 40 years.


To contribute, through and from our activity, to make the world a better place through the care of the environment and local sustainability.


We are a travel agency that complies with all the requirements of the Peruvian government to provide a high-quality, safe service for our visitors. We constantly renew our equipment and our guides are highly qualified and motivated. We have 40 years dedicated to providing unique, unforgettable and very safe experiences to adventurers from all over the world.


We love our land! We want everyone to enjoy its magic and we are grateful to it. Therefore, one way to give back is to be environmentally responsible and above all socially responsible: in all our packages we offer dignified and well paid work for the inhabitants of the areas where we develop our tourism activities, which are all environmentally responsible.