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National and foreign tourists are already using this new access route to the Vinicunca mountain, which revalues ​​and preserves an impressive ecosystem. It will also directly benefit the Chillihuanicommunity, since it allows the recovery of a tourist ecosystem and was co-financed with about 700,000 soles by the Minam + CAF program of the Ministry of the Environment. The highway is part of the project implemented by the Municipality of the District of Cusipata, Quispicanchi province and the Minam + CAF program.

On the way to Vinicunca, tourists can also visit the new craft center of Ccori Ttika Pallay, located in Chillihuani, which was developed as part of the Minam + CAF program strategy to generate sustainable economic opportunities through the responsible use of natural resources and the biodiversity of the area. Rosendo Baca Palomino, director of the Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Dircetur), said that 600 tourists visit the Vinicunca mountain daily along this route. Miguel Ángel Hinojosa also indicated that “what is projected is to reach 1,000 tourists per day, and to achieve this, the promotion of this tourist site will be intensified”.

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