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CUSIPATA RIVER LODGE is located in the town of Cusipata, at KM 1052 in the province of Quispicanchis Cusco.

Our name Cusipata comes from the name of the town where we are; It is a Quechua word that means “Place of Joy”, a particular characteristic of those of us, who work in this Lodge.

The town of Cusipata is a place with multiple tourist attractions, such as canoeing or Rafting on the Urubamba River and the Rainbown Mountain Vinicunca. It is also well known for having an industrial plant, whose architecture was designed exclusively for the artisan manufacture of noodles called CUSIPATA. As for gastronomy, it is known for the preparation of the famous “Caldo de Gallina” (Hen soup).

Also very close to the town, about 15 minutes away, we can found the Four Lagoons Tourist Circuit, where some adventure sports are practiced such as bicycles, raft rides in the Pomacanchis lagoon, among others.

At “Cusipata River Lodge” we offer all the necessary amenities to provide our visitors with an optimal service: Hygienic Services, dressing rooms, hot showers, security lockers, sauna, dining area. We also have a ZIPLINE that consists of 2 cables, each 100 meters long, that cross the Urubamba River; all this in a very pleasant and unique rustic environment, where there are weeping willow trees and caroline poplars that perfectly decorate the place.

Recently all the Biosafety protocols have been implemented and we comply with all the measures. We have sinks at the entrance of the Lodge and all our staff are trained in COVID-19.